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Welding & Cutting
  Welding & Cutting  
    Plasma cutting machines       MIG/MAG welding machines    
The plasma technology is suitable for
cutting all kinds of metal, e.g. mild steel,
stain- less steel, aluminium, brass,
copper etc.

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Plasma cutting machines
The main advantages are high welding
speed, little draft and few rework.

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MIG/MAG welding machines
    MIG/MAG Puls machines       TIG welding machines    
The inverter-based power sources
convince due to a complete range of
excellent synergic programmes.

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MIG/MAG Puls machines
Due to modern power electronics these
machines have outstanding welding
performance in DC and AC welding

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TIG welding machines
    Electrode inverters       Welding rectifiers    
Due to modern inverter technology these
machines are compact, handy and

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Electrode inverters
The thyristor controlled JÄCKLE welding
rectifiers supply a very smooth and
constant welding current.

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Welding rectifiers
    Welding transformers       Cooling units    
The step-switched JÄCKLE welding
transformers are nearly indestructble
and have been part of the product range
for 20 years now.

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Welding transformers
As accessories for MIG/MAG-,
TIG- and plasma machines.

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Cooling units
As accessories for MIG/ MAG-, WIG-
and Plasma machines.

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