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Lubricants & Solvents
  Lubricants & Solvents  

Water-Soluble Fluids
Water-Soluble Fluids are added to water to create an
emulsion. The percentage concentration varies from lypically
2% for grinding, to about 8-10% for heavy duly applications
and difficult materials. The cooling effect is the main task of
water-soluble fluids.

Metalworking Oils
Metalworking oils are based on highly refined mineral oils with
specially selected additives to im-prove properties like cutting
performance, corrosion protection and extended tool life. The
lubricating effect is the main task of metalworking fluids.

Anti-Spatter Welding Fluids
Environmentally friendly, silicone-free, anti spatter for MIG
and stick welding. Anti Spatter Welding Fluids prevents
spatter from adhering to the material therefore allowing
easy and cost-effective welding, without additional removal

Corrosion Protection
Jokisch rust preventatives protect intermediates between
working processes or finished products reliable against
corrosion. From short to long storage times, in door and

The Jokisch Accessories line include Jokisch Derma Skin
Protection, Cleaner, Emulsion Care, Spindle Oils and
everything for the machine tool.



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